Surgery, Gastroenterology and Oncology
Vol. 20, No. 2, June 2015
Building a liver transplant program in a resource limited country: a 15-year retrospective analysis of 648 patients operated in the ....
Irinel Popescu, Mihnea Ionescu, Vladislav Braşoveanu, Doina Hrehoreţ, Florin Botea, Bogdan Dorobanţu, Sorin Alexandrescu, Mihai Grigorie, Emil Matei, Radu Zamfir, Vasile Lungu, Dan Tulbure, Dana Tomescu, Gabriela Droc, Daniela Ungureanu, Ruxandra Fota, Mihai Popescu, Laura Popa, Liana Gheorghe, Speranţa Iacob, Corina Pietrăreanu, Mihai Voiculescu, Mariana Mihăilă, Laurenţiu Micu, Sanda Constantinescu, Cristian Gheorghe, Bogdan Cotruţa, Ioana Lupescu, Mugur Grasu, Mirela Boroş, Radu Dumitru, Mihai Toma, Liliana Pâslaru, Laura Vlad, Ileana Constantinescu, Ileana Dima, Vlad Herlea, Gabriel Becheanu, C. Pecheanu, Daniela Sasalovici
Article DOI: 10.21614/jtmr-20-2-32
Read article Background: Liver transplantation (LT) has become an established treatment for end-stage liver disease, with more than 20.000 procedures yearly worldwide. The aim of this study was to analyze the results of Romanian National Program of LT after 15 years of activity.

Methods: Between April 2000 and April 2015, 648 pts received 678 LTs in Romania. Male female ratio was 382 266, while adult pediatric ratio was 588 60, with a mean age of 45 years (median 50 yrs; range 7 months 68 yrs). Main LT indications were HBV-related cirrhosis (176 pts; 27.1%), hepatocellular c....[more]
Graft steatosis - where to stop?
Radu Zamfir, Vladislav Braşoveanu, Leonard David, Simona Dima, Florin Botea, Vasile Lungu, Tudor Stoian, Vlad Herlea, Nicolae Bacalbaşa, Sorin Ianceu, Florin Cristian Blăjuţ, Dana Tomescu, Irinel Popescu
Article DOI: 10.21614/jtmr-20-2-33
Read article The gap between the availability of livers from organ donors and the increased demand has led many centers to apply strategies to reduce this deficit. Splitting of cadaveric organs for use in 2 recipients; domino transplantation; and organs from living donors, nonâ€"heartbeating donors, and extended-criteria donors (ECDs) are all currently used in expanding the liver graft availability for orthotopic liver transplantation (OLT). Fatty changes in the donor liver are a risk factor for poor function after OLT, especially for primary non-function; however, the presence of steatosi....[more]
Interleukin-17 - association to silent lupus nephritis and disease activity
Adriana Metoni, Paul Balanescu, Alina Dima, Eugenia Balanescu, Camelia Badea, Razvan Ionescu, Carmen C. Diaconu, Cristian Baicus, Dumitru Matei
Article DOI: 10.21614/jtmr-20-2-34
Read article Background: Systemic lupus erythematosus is a multiorganic, chronic immune disease and lupus nephritis, a severe manifestation, represents the strongest predictor of a poor outcome of this pathology. Cytokines play an important role in lupus nephritis and consequently, their use as biomarkers of active systemic lupus erythematosus disease is of particular interest.
The purpose of this work was to study the pro-inflammatory role of interleukin-17 in renal involvement in patients with systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE).

Methods: We performed a retrospective s....[more]
Prevalence of multidrug-resistant Klebsiella pneumoniae strains isolated from patients with cardiovascular disease
Otilia Banu, Coralia Bleotu, Manuela Burtea, Ilda Czobor, Irina Gheorghe, Iuliana Porumbel, Mariana Carmen Chifiriu
Article DOI: 10.21614/jtmr-20-2-35
Read article Klebsiella spp. are common Gram-negative pathogens, frequently encountered in nosocomial infections. The production of antibiotic-inactivating enzymes, such as ESBL(extended-spectrum beta-lactamases) and carbapenemases associated with multidrug-resistant (MDR) phenotypes are increasingly reported in the last decade, leading to very limited therapeutic options of the produced infections. The purpose of this study was to high light the antibiotic profile of Klebsiella spp. strains isolated from clinical samples in patients with cardiovascular disease.
Materials and Methods: ....[more]
Histopathological liver changes in natrium fluoride administration to a population of mice NMRI type
Violetta Băran Poesina, Andreea Dimcevici Poesina, Dumitru Dobrescu, Simona Negreş, Cornel Chirita, Nicolae Bacalbaşa, Nicoleta Dimcevici-Poesina
Article DOI: 10.21614/jtmr-20-2-36
Read article It has been revealed that excessive fluoride intake on long-term is associated with toxic effects and can damage a variety of organs and tissues in the human body, for example, the liver tissue. The molecular mechanisms of fluoride-induced hepato-toxicity are not well understood. The study wants to offer up-to-date insights concerning the effects of natrium fluoride on hepatic tissues when this substance is administrated to a population of mice.
The study was conducted on NMRI mice descending from the pregnant females treated with 0.25 mg and 0.5 mg natrium fluoride by daily gav....[more]
Ultraviolet radiation therapy in wound healing - an orientation paper
Mohammad Hatami Kaleshtari, Ileana Ciobanu, Adrian Bighea, Florina Popa, Mihai Berteanu
Article DOI: 10.21614/jtmr-20-2-37
Read article In terms of the International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health the speed and the success of the wound healing process depends on a series of personal factors and environmental factors.
New therapeutical approaches are needed regarding wound healing, approaches answering the following requirements: low level of toxicity and reduced risk of side and systemic effects, minimal invasivity, high cost-efficiency.

Objectives: The main objective of this paper is to profile a most complete picture of the utility of ultraviolet therapy in wound care, from ....[more]
Maxillary sinus augmentation - diagnostic and surgical technique
Anca Delia Vereanu, Dana Tomescu, Manuela Andra Savu, Codruţ Sarafoleanu
Surgical Technique, June 2015
Article DOI: 10.21614/jtmr-20-2-38
Read article Placing dental implants in edentulous patients is a difficult task, as the anatomy of patients has a high variability. The expansion of the pneumatized maxillary sinus after tooth extraction is the biggest impediment of all. Because of the undersized ridge width patients need bone grafting in order to compensate the loss of their own.
This procedure is performed by the oro-maxillo-facial surgeon who evaluates, advises and offers the patient the best medical guidance.
A series of surgical techniques and surgical implants have been performed in the field of bone grafting, but o....[more]
Impedance cardiography in evaluation of hemodynamic status of preeclampsia - two case reports
Romina-Marina Sima, Ioana-Anca Bădărău, Cătălina Ciornei, Raluca Papacocea, Mihai Popescu, Patricia Monalisa Paraschiva, Nicolae Bacalbaşa, Dana Tomescu, Liana Pleş
CASE REPORT, June 2015
Article DOI: 10.21614/jtmr-20-2-39
Read article Preeclampsia is a severe disorder that can complicate pregnancy with serious consequences for mother and newborn. Although a specific hemodynamics profile can be observed during normal pregnancy, preeclampsia ischaracterized by several specific changes like increased cardiac output, sodium and water retention leading to blood volume expansion, reductions in systemic vascular resistance and systemic blood pressure. Impedance cardiography is a noninvasive method which can provide hemodynamic parameters in pregnancy.
We present two cases of pregnancy complicated with preeclampsia and....[more]
Intermittent claudication after radiotherapy for testicular malignancy
Claudia Cruceru, Roxana Enache, M. Simion, Andreea Călin, Sorin Băilă, Dan Deleanu, Liliana Parascan, Carmen Ginghină
CASE REPORT, June 2015
Article DOI: 10.21614/jtmr-20-2-40
Read article The most common cause of intermitent claudication in males is atherosclerosis involving the arteries of the lower limbs. Irradiation represents a major risk factor for development of arterial lesions, its association with conventional cardiovascular risk factors increasing even more the likelihood of vascular damage.
We present the case of a 39-year-old patient diagnosed with peripheral arterial disease 8 years after radiotherapy for testicular cancer.
Revascularization surgery was performed. It seemed that the arterial involvement had a double etiology, both radiation-induce....[more]
Palliative treatment for breast cancer with cutaneous metastases - a case report
Nicolae Bacalbaşa, Irina Bălescu, Vladislav Braşoveanu, Dana Tomescu
CASE REPORT, June 2015
Article DOI: 10.21614/jtmr-20-2-41
Read article Skin metastases from breast cancer account for up to 20% of all cutaneous malignancies and are usually a sign of poor prognosis due to the fact that their presence is the sign that the underlying tumor has already infiltrated the lymphatics or the adjacent blood vessels.

However, in all these cases the most efficient therapeutic approach remains neo-adjuvant chemotherapy followed by radical surgery.

We present the case of a 43 year old patient diagnosed with ductal invasive breast cancer with cutaneous metastases in which this therapeutic protocol was successfully app....[more]
Multiple visceral resections for pelvic recurrence from surgically treated clear cell ovarian tumor - a case report
Irina Bălescu, Nicolae Bacalbaşa, Radu Zamfir, Dana Tomescu, Vladislav Braşoveanu
CASE REPORT, June 2015
Article DOI: 10.21614/jtmr-20-2-42
Read article Ovarian clear cell carcinoma is a distinct histopathological subtype of epithelail ovarian cancer with a more aggressive biological behaviour and a higher capacity to recur.
We present the case of a 47 year old patient diagnosed with a clear cell ovarian tumor invading an ileal loop submitted to radical surgery followed by adjuvant chemotherapy. At one year follow up she was diagnosed with a pelvic recurrence invading the right ureter and the right ileocolon so the patient was re-submitted to surgery. The recurrence was resected en bloc with the right ileocolon and distal uretere....[more]

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