Peer review policy

In order to build a high quality journal, all submitted manuscripts are subject to a comprehensive review process by at least 2 expert reviewers. The members of the Editorial Board or outside reviewers with appropriate expertise will evaluate the manuscripts submitted for originality, method, importance, interpretation, data analysis, extent to which cconclusions are supported by the data, and quality of presentation. This process will inform the editors so they can determine whether the manuscript should be published in our journal.

Responsibilities of Reviewers

• Reviewers are required to accept to review manuscripts on subjects for which they have the expertise required.
• Reviewers are required to observe strict confidentiality regarding both the content of the manuscripts receive, as well as their entire correspondence with the Editorial Board.
• Reviewers are required to recuse themselves from reviewing any manuscript if there is any potential conflict of interest related to academic, economic or personal relationship with the Authors.
• Reviewers are requested not to attempt to contact the Authors and are strictly prohibited to discuss any aspect of the reviewing process directly with the Authors.

The final decision for publication and allocation to a specific issue is made by the Editor-in-Chief.

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Open Access Fee

Members of the IASGO will not pay open access fee. Non-members of IASGO will pay publishing fee of €150. Publishing fee, which will cover the DOI, plagiarism check, the editing work.

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