Surgery, Gastroenterology and Oncology
Vol. 24, Nr. 3, Jun 2019
Living Donor Liver Transplant Using Dual Grafts
Vladislav Braşoveanu, Dragoş Zamfirescu, Mihail Pautov, Ion Barbu, Irinel Popescu
Video Case Report, Jun 2019
Article DOI: 10.21614/sgo-24-3-162

Living donor liver transplant predisposes both the donor and the recipient to high risk of small residual liver volume (in donor) and small-for-size graft syndrome (in recipient) (1).
Both of these risks can be overcomed by using two grafts from two different donors; this procedure is called "Living donor liver transplant using dual grafts" (2).

We present a video case-report of a "Living donor liver transplant using dual grafts" performed in a 51 yo female recipient for VHB+VHD cirrhosis, MELD score 22.
She received two liver grafts, a left hemiliver (Donor 2 in the video) and a left lateral section (Donor 1 in the video). The combined GRWR was 1.05 ( 0.71 + 0.34). For a better understanding of the technique, both donation and back-table procedures were combined in the same split-screen, being followed by the left lateral section (Donor 1) and left hemiliver (donor 2) implantations. Both donors had no postoperative complications. After 12 months of follow-up, both donors and the recipient are alive, with normal liver function.
Dual-graft Living donor liver transplant is a feasible option to achieve the required liver volume using two suboptimal liver grafts.

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