Surgery, Gastroenterology and Oncology
Vol. 22, Nr. 1, March 2017
Teaching and Learning and Self-Assessment in Nuclear Hospital (NH) versus Affiliated (AH) Hospitals Surgical Clerkship in the 6th year of the Faculty of Medicine - Oporto University (FMUP) (Analysis of 913 students)
João Paulo Araújo Teixeira, Carlos Ribeiro, Luís M. Moreira, José Amarante
Article DOI: 10.21614/jtmr-22-1-112
Background: the increasing of the numerus clausus becomes difficult to perform surgical clerkship (6th year) in just one hospital. So it became necessary to have the collaboration of Affiliated Hospitals (AH). This research corresponds to the comparative analysis of that clerkship in those institutions.

Methods: A voluntary and anonymous assessment was conducted by 913 (49.3%) of the 1851 students who attended surgical clerkship in the school years 2007-2008 to 2013-2014 in Oporto Medical School. Surveys were collected corresponding to the student's assessment of "teaching-learning" and "self-assessment", valued in a Likert scale from 1 to 5; surgical training and the perspectives for future specialization were equally assessed, before and after the clerkship. Results from the Nuclear Hospital (NH) vs AH were compared.

Results: In the comparative analysis of the NH vs AH there was a similar assessment of teaching-learning and self-assessment; however, concerning teaching-learning, several items received a higher rating in AH than in the NH: clinical training in outpatient center (3.80 vs 3.67 p=0.029), emergency (4.02 vs 3.91 p=0.043) and operating room (3.78 vs 3.62 p=0.024). Self-assessment in the NH was slightly worse than in the AH, regarding the use of training opportunities (4.34 vs 4.41 p=0.058).

Conclusion: Assessment of the item "teaching and learning" proved to be superior in AH regarding clinical training in outpatient center, operating room and emergency. It must be considered that the collaboration of AH in the Surgical Clerkship of the 6th year students is a valid and effective alternative.

Abbreviations: NH - Nuclear Hospital (HSJ - Hospital de S. Joyo); AH - Affiliated Hospitals; FMUP - Faculty of Medicine, Oporto University

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