The Instructions for Video Submission are as follows:

1. A 300-500 word structured abstract for publication in the SGO

2. The maximum number of authors is five per submission

3. The maximum number of references that can accompany the video submission is five per submission

4. Acceptable formats for submission are: mpeg, mov, wmv

5. High resolution video must be accompanied with narration by a native English speaking individual. Computer generated voice is not allowed. Use labels, arrows, case description slides, and other methods to enhance the understanding of the video material, as necessary

6. Video length is limited to 10 minutes similar to podium presentations, so please edit liberally

7. Full articles combined with a video will also be considered; in this case, regular article guidelines should be considered

8. All submissions are peer reviewed prior to acceptance for publication

You can upload your video abstracts using the Peer-Review System